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If you give a kid The Chief Climbing Triangle, then he's going to want to extend the Ladder/Slide extension onto The Broat. If you give him The Broat, then he's going to want The Easy-E Easel to paint all of his adventures… well you get it. Choose the whole Ever Play Collection and your indoor play plan is set, and you are covered for all kinds of physical and creative activity.

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We designed this Pikler triangle after looking for similar products and not finding one that had

safe inset hardware

a hidden interior locking hinge to alleviate the chance of pinched fingers

foldability for easy storage

child-safe smooth finish

perfect dowel size for little gripping hands

and last but not least, The Chief Climbing Triangle is well-crafted in the US, sturdy, and pretty enough to put in any part of your home

Benefits for Kids

  • Increased motor skill development, balance and control
  • Physical activity now for calm and settled later
  • Framework for muscle development
  • Sharpens mental focus
  • Adjusts for age appropriate challenges
  • Less screen-time
  • Imagination with no boundaries
  • Engaging solo or with a friend
  • Independent learning

Benefits for Adults

  • Sheer joy watching your child play
  • Release from worry and anxiety as your child safely tests and surpasses physical boundaries
  • Enjoy your coffee
  • Have an uninterrupted conversation with your partner or friend as your child plays
  • No eyesores—The Chief blends into any space; no cheap plastic or garish colors
  • Frustration-free set up, The Chief comes fully assembled
  • Optimize your hours—your child will nap longer or sleep later—he’ll be all tired out

Built with Care in the USA

Dimensions and Weight Limit:

The Chief Unfolded: 31.5"W x 32"D x 34.5"H
The Chief folded: 31.5"W x 10"D x 38"H

The Broat: 19.5" W x 35"L x 19"H
The Easy-E Easel: 20.5" W x 5"Hx 32"L

Holds up to 120 lbs


Hardwood poplar dowels, blackened steel binding screws, and birch plywood. Our finish is water-based, lead-free, no VOC's and completely non-toxic.

Choose the whole
Ever Play Collection

for a bundled price!

The Chief Climbing Triangle

with the ladder/slide extenstion!


The Broat Rocker

that can be flipped as a bridge or rowboat!


The Easy-E Easel

with a roll of paper!


Hardwood poplar dowels, blackened steel binding screws, and birch plywood, water-based, lead-free, no VOC’s, completely non-toxic, child-safe finish, all sourced locally.

All Ever Play products are made in our workshop in Chicago, IL. All of our builders are also parents and hold the safety of children in highest regard as they work away to deliver to you, the finest quality product.

The Chief is 100% made in the USA. We use materials vendors local to us in Chicago, and build it here in our workshop. When you purchase from us, you are helping to keep not just our women-owned, family-business alive, but many other US small businesses. The Chief is between 7-10 inches taller than the standard Montessori/Pikler inspired climbing triangles on the market, which increases the age, interest and longevity of use. The Chief delivers faster than any of the other climbing triangles on the market and we build and stock them so you can have it when you want it. We also ship it fully assembled for an out-of-the-box, place ‘n play moment that both you and your child will appreciate! Lastly, we have tested The Chief in daycares in Chicago, but most dear to our heart, our own son tested The Chief and gave his honest advice from the start on what works best, what will be the most challenging and how to make it the most fun for climbing and creative play.

The Chief and The Broat Rocker is made for for ages 18 months to 8 years. The weight limit is 120 lbs. All ages can enjoy the Easy-E Easel, even adults!

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